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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Time to hit my PayPal button- hard!

You see if everybody that stops by here would just hit my PayPal button for a couple hundred dollars for a couple weeks, then I could afford a new boat! And I really want a new boat for the upcoming fishing seasons. So won't you all do your part to help me with my dreams of regular fishing trips with my buddies?

You see, Kenny and I went to the boat show this weekend. And we saw lots of really nice fishing boats- big ones, bigger ones, and smaller ones too. We compared Lund and Crestliner and Fisher boats. We even ogled a couple very fancy Skeeter boats but we both knew those aren't the boats for our simple needs.

But we really did have a great time walking around and looking at the shiny new boats. Just steps inside the front door we ran into a buddy of mine who is part owner of a fishing tackle business and he invited us to come over to Flaming Gorge in the spring for a fishing trip on the company's very fancy boat. You know I'll be following up on that invite to make it happen!

So, if you can, dig deep and donate often to my "Need a Boat" fund. It will do wonders for my mental health and I promise to share the fishing trips with my buddies, making their lives better too!

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